Quinck Tube Method

Q.What are Para magnetic substances?

A.Substances that are slightly attracted to magnetic field and do not retain their magnetic properties once the field is removed.e.g.-aluminum,antimony,copper.

Q.Why do para magnetic substances exist?

A.They  exist due to presence of unpaired electrons and due to the realignment of  electron paths caused by external magnetic field.

Q.What is susceptibility?

A.Susceptibility indicates the degree of magnetization of a material in response to an applied magnetic field.It has no unit i.e it is dimensionless.

MI = χbH.


M=degree of magnetization

H=magnetic field

Xb=magnetic susceptibility

Q.Define magnetization.

A. It is the measure of magnetic moment per unit volume.

Q.Define magnetic moment.

A.The magnetic moment of a magnet is a quantity that determines the torque it will experience in an external magnetic field. 

Q.What is the solution used?

A.The solution we used is Ferric Chloride.

Q.What would happen if we keep the tube containing  para magnetic substance in Helmholtz Galvanometer?

A.If the tube is kept in the exact center then there will be no change .

Q.What would happen if we replace the liquid with a para magnetic solid?

A.If we use a para magnetic solid in place of liquid then the solid won’t experience any physical change as the bonds formed in a solid are very strong.

Q.Why does the liquid rise?

A.The level rises because when magnetic field is applied the dipoles get aligned and hence gives rise to the liquid.

Q.What is the principle behind this experiment?

A.It is based on the principle of molecular currents to explain magnetic susceptibility.

Q.What is the value of Ka?

A.It is zero as air is not a magnetic substance.


Don’t forget to calculate the least count of the travelling microscope along with its unit.

quinck tube


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